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Blackjack python netbeans

blackjack python netbeans

Classic Engine Restoration, complete Machine Shop, counter Bore Cutting.
Table_hands1 if option 'h al(player_hand, 1) rank make_rank(player_hand) print_cards(self.
Keeping with DRY (don't repeat yourself) you could use a loop or recursion to cut down on some of this: def printcards(dealer_cards, player_cards for i in range(len(dealer_cards0 for j in range(len(dealer_cards print '.format(dealer_cardsji print for i in range(len(player_cards0 for j in range(len(player_cards print '.format(player_cardsji print.
If you are a Rhinelander local or passing through, stop in or give us a call and let us help you get your equipment or vehicle working again.Hand edit 0 aler dealer class Dealer(object def _init self, bet10 ck Deck t bet self.Code duplication, you also have several spots of code duplication.Diesel Diagnostics, dOT Inspections, over-the-Road Truck Repair, if you live, work or visit in Rhinelander, Wisconsin we are here to service your vehicle or equipment!Table_hands) msg ' if p_rank 21 or d_rank 21: msg 'BlackJack!' winner 'p' if p_rank 21 and d_rank!Where you can use oduct to create a cartesian product, i re-wrote your program by creating a different game-loop and making a couple of different classes: #!/usr/bin/python #encodingutf8 import random card 't ' t ' t ' t ' t ' t 't' h_card 't.Class Card: def _init self pass def card_value(self pass card_face card_suit There are multiple design mistakes.Winlose(winner) print 'Your credit is: '.format(edit) def take_seat_at_table dealer Dealer player safe online casino 770 Player(dealer) playing True edit get_credit d_player(player.Whole_deck whole_deck rambled_deck scrambled_deck def makedeck(self return (r, s, r) for r in self.Give us a call at (715) 623-6881.Since now we know that Deck is not a Card then the most right place to keep track of ranks and suits is Deck.AC Repair, agricultural Industrial Equipment Repair, automotive Repair.Whole_deck i0 while i 4: for r in self.Basically, if you would like to reuse this class for say Poker you would have to create a child class for the Card just to evaluate its value for a different game, which is wrong.Deck is definitely not a Card child, Deck is sort of collection of cards.Where you could pass in a list or any other kind of iterable and loop for them: def printcards(hands # where hands have both player and dealer cards for hand in hands: for i in range(len(hand0.A large proportion of questions here that this issue at their root).Equals y don't feel bad.Up vote 1 down vote, in general, I think you did a good job overall.
One was if the player gets a blackjack the game exits without prompting the user for further action: logic while True: #Whole game loop player dealer.
OOP, you also make use of global variables quite a bit.